Diamond T Services was doing all of their SEO in house and had taken their website as far as they could. DTS was looking to take its website to the next level. They wanted to rank on the first page for 3 specific keywords. 

seo case study - dtx


The solution to improve their rankings was three-fold.

  1. We needed to clean up any technical errors and clean up the URL structure so the crawlers could more easily crawl and find their content
  2. We needed to map out their keyword targeting. We needed to make sure their pages were targeting and optimized for the most appropriate keywords. 
  3. We need to improve the authority of the main pages they wanted to rank. We did this by building links to the pages targeting the keywords they wanted to rank for. We varied the anchor text and used exact match anchor text with a small percentage of links.


  1. 38 first page rankings up from 22, 18 ranking in the top 3
  2. Organic traffic has increased by 385% since starting.
  3. DTS ranks for all 3 of the top 3 keywords in the top 3 spots.