So you’ve decided to DIY SEO for your website. Or maybe you are just supplementing what your SEO agency is doing for faster results. Either way, it is valuable to understand how to write an article for maximum impact to your rankings.

Content Freshness

The first thing to consider is how often you intend to create content for your website. Google loves consistency and new content. At Firestarter, I write an article a week for our website. That may be too frequent for you, but that is also why we often rank on the first page for SEO-related keywords. No matter how often you intend to create content, it is important that you remain consistent. SEO is a process of accumulation, and if you write a few one-off pieces of content then let it get pushed aside, you might be wasting your time. 

What should I write about for SEO?

Figuring out a topic to write about is easier than you might think. SEO is all about knowing what the people want and giving it to them. It is important to keep in mind that you are not writing for yourself. You are likely already an expert in your industry. Think about questions your potential customers are asking because they are going to Google for the answers. A helpful tool called AnswerThePublic can give you ideas on what types of questions people are asking. 

How to Optimize Your Article for SEO

Writing articles for SEO purposes gets easier as you continue to do it. When just starting out, don’t focus so heavily on the perfectly optimized post. Make sure to write quality content that you would find informative and engaging. If searchers are constantly clicking on your site then hit the back button, Google will know and it will impact your ranking over time. Once you’ve written a quality article, go back through and look for opportunities to put your target keyword or variations of it. Bonus points if you can fit your exact keyword into the HTML headings, as Google weights them more heavily than paragraphs. Just be sure the keyword looks fairly natural, don’t keyword stuff the content where it doesn’t fit.

Titling Your Article for SEO

The title. The most important piece of the entire article when it comes to SEO. Your title should contain the exact keyword you are targeting and hopefully at the beginning since Google reads left to right. Many SEO professionals will tell you about a character limit for titles, but we’ve found no evidence to support that longer titles have a negative impact on rankings. It is still important to consider that anything past 70 or so characters will get cut off on a Google search page. 

Internal Hyperlinking

When creating content, it is likely that you will reference another piece you have written or another part of your business. Hyperlink them! Remember, the articles you are creating should be written for the viewer, not the writer. If linking to another page will help the reader understand the content, it is valuable to conveniently hyperlink a few words. Google also considers anchor text as an indicator of what the linked page is about, so use that to your advantage.


Writing content for SEO purposes is not difficult. In fact, you really can’t mess it up as long as the content is relevant to your business. Instead of overcomplicating things and meticulously building content to fit a keyword as many times as possible, create quality content. Lots of it. Decide what keywords you want to support from your main website pages, and create a content calendar that you can stick to. If you need someone to handle writing for your website or help you build a content strategy, reach out to Firestarter SEO today!