How to Maximize SEO


We get this question all the time with clients and partners alike. What does it take to get the most out of your SEO campaign? Knowing how to maximize SEO can be broken down into 5 things you can do on a monthly basis. Some need to be done more on a daily basis but all of these steps will show you how to maximize SEO for any website in any industry.  

How to Maximize SEO

Intent is Everything with SEO

Before we share all the secrets with you, we need to stress that intent is everything. From producing content to building links, if you are not doing it with intent in mind then you are wasting your time. What do we mean by intent? All your efforts need to have a purpose in mind and intend on increasing your trust with Google or bringing potential customers to your website. 

Top 5 Ways to Maximize your SEO Efforts 

In no particular order, these are the 5 things you can do to maximize your SEO. 

    1. Content Clusters – What are content clusters? The best way for me to describe a content cluster would be for you to picture your number one keyword. After you know your number one keyword, what are related topics around that keyword? One of the best ways to do this is to answer the public tool. Simply put your keyword in the website and it will generate topics that your customers are asking in the queries. Just like that you have your content cluster. 
    2. Not All Links Are Created Equal – Some SEO providers may tell you that a link is a link and that search engines don’t care what website is linking to you as long as you have websites linking to you. This couldn’t be more wrong. Would you think that a link from a random blogging site India might carry more weight and authority then a relevant website to your business? Google doesn’t either. Focus on quality over quantity. 
    3. Never Overlook Website Health – You could be doing everything right with your SEO but have a website riddled with errors and dead pages. We don’t know how often the search engines crawl our websites so it’s always important to make sure your website is running smoothly with as few errors as possible. If Google had a choice between a website with 10 errors or a website with 500 errors, which do you think they would choose? 
    4. Anchor Text – Whether you are linking to one of the other pages on your website or linking to another website, the anchor text matters. It doesn’t only matter to your users but the search engines as well. If you were trying to get one of your users to contact you after reading one of your pages would it make more sense to have the anchor text be “contact us today” or just “us” or “today?” 
    5. Mobile Friendly And Fast – This is nothing new and if your website is not mobile first and fast, your rankings could be suffering. Use page speed insights to see where your website stands on speed. In most cases anything over 50 for mobile and 80 for desktop is respectable. In addition, Google updated their algorithm in the summer of 2021 to make mobile and speed an actual ranking factor although most of us believe it has been for years now. 

Keeping up with SEO Trends

One item to not forget is to make sure you are keeping up with SEO trends. Most of these 5 tips have withstood the test of time but that doesn’t mean that Google wouldn’t change their algorithm. Contact us today for a free website analysis to make sure your SEO is being maximized!

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