SEO ImprovementsIn today’s digital landscape, having online visibility has quickly become a necessity, not a luxury. In the recent pandemic an incalculable number of business owners learned the hard way that if they did not have a presence online, they were in a world of trouble. Now, more than ever, online visibility is a cornerstone of growing your business. SEO is crucial to building that cornerstone, as it leads to improved rankings and visibility, quality organic traffic, and an increase in qualified leads.

Higher Rankings & Visibility

A major indicator of how SEO helps your business is through the better rankings and visibility achieved with your website. As ongoing SEO efforts take root, you will start to show up higher and higher for keywords related to your business. For example, if you owned an Italian Restaurant, you would be thrilled to see your site show up on the first page for a search like, “Best Italian Restaurant Near Me.” Additionally, you’ll also start earning more visibility in the map listings. Since so many searches are map-related, this will represent a major boost in your brand’s visibility.

Organic Traffic

While rankings and visibility are nice, the resulting visits to your website will be even better! SEO is crucial to upping the number of people who visit your website. In fact, web pages that rank in the top five organic search results receive 67% of all the clicks. Without SEO, you would miss out on a massive amount of potential customers seeing your brand and visiting your site. 

Increased Leads

Ultimately, the single biggest benefit of SEO for your business is in the leads it will generate. The beauty of SEO is that it makes you visible to people who are actively searching for your products and services, but have never heard of you before. These people come to your website with extremely high intent to make a buying decision. This is low hanging fruit for business owners, and can provide an incredible ROI.

As you’re considering the value of a potential SEO campaign, don’t overlook the tangible benefits awaiting your business. In the meantime, contact one of our experts today with any questions!