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If you’re searching for ways to increase online traffic then you’ve probably been scoping out Search Engine Optimization companies. In this article, we will cover information that you as the client can provide to help SEO companies create an effective proposal.

PPC vs. SEO vs. Budget

What is the difference between SEO and PPC? PPC (Pay Per Click) involves paying Google to put your website at the top or bottom of the first page, depending on your budget and competition. Many companies will incorporate a bit of PPC in their SEO campaign. While PPC may get the desired results you were looking for upfront, it isn’t always a financially sustainable solution. That being said, SEO is not a speedy process. SEO is a long term strategy to increase organic web traffic by targeting relevant keywords in on and off-site optimization. Some clients will use their budget more aggressively upfront to supplement their SEO campaign before slowly reducing PPC spending as organic volume increases over the first six months. While considering which route is better for you, it is important to be transparent with your company’s long term budget so SEO companies can build a strategy tailored to your needs.


Industry Experience

Nobody knows your company like you do. While there are tools that assist SEO companies in finding new target keywords, a good SEO company will rely heavily on you to guide them. Perhaps your company is already doing very well in one aspect of business, but you would like to see another area become equally successful. Give a little background on how your company was started and where you have met success or failure over the years. There is no one size fits all in a marketing campaign, so it is important to have clear and measurable long-term goals. Sharing these goals will go a long way in getting a comprehensive proposal that matches your vision.

Creating Your Own Content

Something that sets Firestarter SEO apart from the competition is content creation. Our team will work with clients to generate articles and infographics that bring more traffic from people researching topics in your industry. New content is essential to ensuring that Google’s search engine is consistently crawling and updating its index of your website. While we continually create new content for ourselves and our clients alike, it is also beneficial for you to tap into your own creative mind to generate content that addresses common industry questions. Be sure to look for an SEO company that is going to assist you with new optimized content, whether it be full-scale writing services or a layer of optimization over the blogs you produce.

Knowing Your Competitors

To some, this may seem like a no-brainer, but it is important that you know who your top competitors are. With some quick internet research an SEO company can make an educated guess on your top competitors, but knowing exactly which other websites you would like to surpass is an easy way to measure the success of your SEO campaign.


Now that you know what information to have ready for SEO companies, you are ready to start seeking them out. Most SEO companies will work in your best interest, but it’s reassuring to know what to look for. Consider these articles about finding a “good SEO Company” or how to know if your SEO company is being shady.

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