Clutch SEO

Even before Denver started to show signs of a maturing tech scene, Firestarter was founded with the intention of helping local businesses improve their bottom line. We recognized early on that Search Engine Marketing would play a central role in modern marketing. Firestarter is a team of experienced individuals with knowledge in all the core aspects of an SEO strategy, including link-building, content creation, and keyword research. We are driven by the opportunities, which we hope will continue to grow, to help local businesses thrive in a highly competitive marketplace. That said, not every business is familiar enough with the SEO landscape to identify a provider who can meet their objectives, and within their specific budget. In order to increase the chances that a prospective buyer will trust and have confidence in us, we are excited to announce our inclusion on Clutch, a ratings and reviews site for solutions and services providers.

In addition to creating a profile on the site, which showcases a company’s services, history, and other relevant information at a quick glance, Clutch conducts direct interviews with a firm’s clients. Their questionnaire is highly comprehensive and includes details that a short testimonial or a more technical case study would not capture. This might include how a company has confronted any problems that arose unexpectedly during a project or communicate on a regular basis with the client. These reviews, plus an assigned ranking, determine how these companies are listed and compare to one another in Clutch’s directory—summarized by a Leaders Matrix.