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Dispensaries are littered throughout Denver, Colorado, and beyond with no slowing in sight. Here at Firestarter, we understand the struggle of the huge companies having unmatched resources to your marketing efforts. You feel you will never show up when someone searches for you and you are going to have to pound the pavement to drum up some foot traffic or close your doors. SEO practices have been around for years, and the process itself is not overly complicated. What you need to realize potential success is a team of marketing gurus who have the knowledge and resources to help focus your time and take certain pieces of the puzzle off of your plate. We have positioned ourselves as marketing partners with our clients instead of using typical smoke and mirror tactics that will leave you frustrated in 6 months and exploring new options for your Dispensary SEO.


Marijuana SEO Strategy

SEO for the cannabis industry starts where most other campaigns start, with targeting and keyword research. There are a few nuances to the industry that set dispensary SEO efforts apart from the rest of the pack.

  • Limited or no options for paid ads
  • Legal issues constantly changing
  • Complications with securing funding
  • Various intent behind similar keywords

Lack of Paid Ad Potential

Many businesses have the opportunity to run paid ads in place of or on top of organic search efforts. This allows more real estate to be covered by your business listing and could potentially lead to you being listed in 4/20 (heh) spots on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Businesses in the cannabis industry do not have this opportunity so it can limit the potential clicks you could receive. On the other hand, no one else is running ads so it is not like you are being pushed out by folks with more money, paid advertisements simply are not an option in most regards for the Marijuana Industry.

Legal Issues Constantly Changing

Being in an industry that is so volatile adds a whole layer of stress to your business building efforts. Constant changes to state laws and regulations as well as changes coming at the national level keeps cannabis industry businesses on their toes at best, or closing doors at worst. Having a team on your side who constantly monitors changes to the process can help put you at ease and keep your business in good favor with wandering eyes.

Cannabis SEO Strategy

Complications with Securing Funding

Jumping into a business where your dollars cannot be backed by the FDIC is a risk in and of itself, but this also runs hand in hand with complications in securing funding from investors. While more and more marijuana investment options are popping up, these are still risky ventures since the cash is not backed by any government entity. This complicates your ability to secure funding for marketing efforts and beyond and typically requires a bootstrap method to push to success. With more and more giant companies entering the space, it is more and more important to have some realized funding available for your marketing efforts.

Various Intent Behind Certain Keywords

The keyword discovery is a little more daunting than most as well since Google doesn’t want to give us much information related to cannabis all the way around. Understanding the intent your searchers may have behind a query is one of the biggest hurdles a cannabis company can overcome. Are you a grower in the Denver area? Your keywords will be similar to a dispensary, with some minor tweaks. While a dispensary may target the keyword “Buy Marijuana Denver” your keyword would be something along the lines of “Buy Wholesale Marijuana Denver”. These aren’t huge changes but can have a drastic effect on your conversion rate when you look at your traffic.


We have worked with a number of clients in the cannabis industry and they have seen great success. This has allowed us to have an accurate depiction of the tactics that work, and the tactics that don’t. Once your content is optimized on the core pages of your website, the strategy shifts heavily to link building. Positioning yourself within a team of industry experts who not only know your business but know other movers and shakers in the space can lead to accelerated results and extreme levels of efficiency. We are not going to have to pull and vet new potential link opportunities for you since we already have a wealth of resources built up in relation to Denver Cannabis SEO and on a national level.

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