Denver Backlinks: Where is the Low Hanging Fruit?


Denver backlinks (and backlinks on a local level in any city) are a great opportunity to generate some quick trust for your business. Websites like yellow pages and yelp are the first step, but where is some low hanging fruit you can capitalize on to generate some Denver backlinks or local backlinks in your city.

Google My Business

Google My Business should be the first place any business starts when looking to generate local backlinks. The profile set up is easy and intuitive and you can quickly add users like your SEO provider for managerial capabilities. The Google My Business platform has a ton of features and functions for you to engage with your customers easily. You can manage and respond to reviews, post content, update business hours, and so much more. 

Google Search Queries

Once you have your Google business profile setup it is time to start looking for further opportunity. One of the best resources for this process is Google itself. Going to your search bar and typing a query like the one in the picture below can generate a giant list of local directories you may be able to pursue.

Denver Backlinks

As you can see, this query generated 3.2 million results! Obviously all of these are not opportunities, but a list of 3.2 million is a pretty solid list to weed through.

Denver Business Directory(ies)

Much like the instructions above, you can utilize Google search engine to find the local business directories you should submit your information to. Seeking out specific business directories gives you the opportunity to get more targeted in your information. Many of these domains have deeper business categories and fields for you to fill out related to your business. The Colorado Business Directory and 303area are excellent examples of websites you should submit your information to.

Global Local Directories

Along with locally specific directories comes global directories. These are not limited to one location and attempt to list businesses across the United States or world, depending on the website. As you exhaust the local links to build you can move on to these types of links as they still provide the same value as a local link.

Government & Education

Local government and education resources are an excellent opportunity for you to populate information related to your business. Many people look to government officials and websites for recommendations because they are so in tune with the community. These types of links may take a little more leg work on your end, but have a massive amount of value due to the weight the suggestion carries and the amount of trust the population has with these types of entities.

Sponsorship and Community Events

Most cities are chock full of sponsorship and community event opportunities. These give you a great chance to spread your information through the community in a more natural way. Sponsor a local baseball team or buy a sign in the outfield of your high school’s baseball field and you are likely to receive a backlink from their website to yours. Since these are seasonal or one off events your links may drop off after a period of time, but the visibility you may get from this practice would be well worth it.

While there are hundreds of opportunities for Denver backlinks and backlinks on a local level for any city, it is important to know where to start. If you have further questions about Denver backlinks or building a backlink campaign, contact Firestarter today.

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