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In the digital marketing world, it is important to make sure your pages are more attractive to search engines and users. The process of content optimization is to transform all of your keyword research into text that can influence your site’s ability to rank well in organic search results. Now the question is, do you use a plug in to assist in this? Content optimization with Yoast can be done manually, but plugins take a lot of the guesswork out of the process. If you find yourself using a WordPress site, which we strongly suggest, Yoast can help you!  

Using Yoast for Content Optimization

How Does Yoast Help?

Content Optimization with Yoast into your WordPress site will do a few valuable things, such as autosuggestion and readability. Yoast uses your target keyword and grades the page accordingly, giving you action items to implement. These suggestions happen live and gear you in the right direction. Once you have a green smiley face, your page is optimized. Here is a step by step process to follow while posting your content in your website:

  • Enter your focus keyphrase – This will be the keyword you want to rank for 
  • Insert your text in the WordPress backend – Write out your blog in a google doc, then you can copy and paste into the WordPress backend
  • Check your readability analysis – Yoast can check how your page reads to your viewers
  • Make adjustments to increase the readability – Use this tool to make your content better for your readers
  • Optimize your snippet – In Yoast’s snippet it will show you what your page will look like in the search engine results page when it comes to your meta description and slug
  • Check your SEO bullets – Yoast will grade how SEO friendly your post is
  • Make SEO adjustments – After reviewing your bullets you should make the appropriate changes

Why go Premium?

If you handle your SEO yourself, it would be best to use Yoast’s premium package. On top of everything that was already pointed out, the premium package can do so much more: 

  • Manage redirects – 404 errors are bound to find their way on your website, not having to hire a developer to handle these can save you time and money. With this tool, Yoast will give you options on how to deal with them
  • Advanced text optimization – This tool thinks like the search engines and helps them find you for terms that may be spelled differently but hold the same intent. For example, if you use the word “House,” you could also show up for houses and homes
  • Internal linking – Since internal linking is an important part of technical SEO, this tool gives you suggestions on internal linking opportunities on what other pages you can link to on your site. 
  • Social previews – With this tool you can see your social posts through the eyes of your readers.
  • Catch hard to find content – Hard to find content or “orphaned content” cannot be indexed by search engines if you don’t have anything linking to it.
  • Support – If you’re not a professional, what’s better than having someone there to help you? 

Things to Keep in Mind

Content Optimization with Yoast can be a helpful tool in your SEO efforts. With that being said, it won’t do everything for you and you will need to invest the time and effort to generate success in your SEO campaign. A potential roadblock could be that some page builders don’t play nicely as they keep the plugin from reading the content. Yoast will throw an error if you have used the same target keyword on another page, sometimes this makes sense. If it is a blog or supporting content, none of your core pages should target the same keyword. If you want to find out more or how we use Yoast in our efforts contact us today.

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