Content & LinksContent and link building represent two of the three pillars of SEO.  Each in its own right is a core component of a full-scale SEO campaign, but how do they work together to improve your online visibility?  There are two simple efforts a company can undertake to maximize their joint link-building and content efforts: Interlinking content within your website, and creating high-quality content to generate more links.

Links Navigate the Web 

Links serve as the internet’s highway.  They are how Google navigates your website, and a key part of how it knows where to rank your site for the terms your clients are searching for.  An opportunity you may be missing is interlinking content on your site.  By linking a page or article on your site to another page or article on your site, you send an indicator to search engines that those two pages are related.  Essentially, you are telling the search engines that your site holds a wealth of information that is extremely relevant to a given topic. The links also pass value between those pages.  

Increasing links with quality content

Another opportunity for your business to leverage links and content lies in the quality of content produced on your website. Rather than generic blogs, focus on providing truly valuable information to your target audience.  By creating infographics, comprehensive guides, or simply taking a deep-dive approach to answering the most common questions a business receives, links will start gradually coming to the company’s website.  Don’t overthink this.  Simply focus on producing quality, educational content, and the links will come.

These content creation and link building strategies are long-term and require a consistent process of accumulation. However, as you make a concerted effort to interlink content within your own site, and begin generating quality content, the results will come. 

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