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2021 SEO ToolsAs search engine optimization changes, not all of the tools that help you in your efforts stay the same. As unfortunate as it is, not all tools have been known to adapt to the changes in SEO. Whether you do your own SEO or hire an SEO company, it is important to make sure you are using the best that is available to you. We will be sharing with you the best SEO tools for 2021 that will be sure to help you in all of your efforts.  

Keyword and Content Tools for SEO

In most cases, this is where all SEO strategies begin. Once your strategy is in place, what tools should you use to ensure your strategy remains clear and consistent? 

  • Yoast I don’t think we can stress enough how valuable the Yoast plugin is for making sure your content is optimized for the right keywords
  • Moz Page Grader – This won’t be the last time we mention Moz. Not only are they a great resource for SEO education, but they also have a tool that will grade out your pages to make sure they are optimized for the keywords you are targeting. 
  • Google Ads What better tool to tell you what people are searching for then google itself? This free tool, whether you are running ads or not, can tell you search volume and give you suggestions for great keyword synonyms. 

Technical SEO Tools

Having a tool that will crawl your website as a search engine does can be very valuable. One tool that we use to track our technical SEO, is agency analytics.It can’t be understated how much technical errors can hurt your rankings and user experience. Screaming frog is another crawler that is widely used around the world. Whatever you decide on, just make sure you don’t leave it to chance and check in on your website’s “health” regularly.

Link Building Tools for SEO

We can be a bit torn when it comes to the best link building tool. Since Google would never share their indexes (and why would they?) you need to make sure you can easily keep track of your link building efforts in addition to keeping tabs on your competitors.

  • Moz I told you they would be back. Moz is able to crawl your website and pick up all of the links that are living on and off your website. In addition, they are able to show you how you stack up against your competitors. 
  • Ahrefs Just another tool that may or may not be better than the other tools. We like Ahrefs for their link analysis more than just counting, like Moz. 
  • Majestic This tool earns its stripes by integrating with most SEO reporting tools. They also provide trust and citation flow that gives you grades on your links. 

Instead of naming the best of the three, we like to use all of them for different parts of link building. Most of the time, when you compare link metrics across multiple tools you get a general consensus and can adapt accordingly. 

Gone are the days when you have to guess how your SEO is going. Don’t leave your campaigns to chance and use the best SEO tools for 2021.

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