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Link building 2021

With the whirlwind of 2020 quickly coming to a close, businesses across the country are planning their core strategies for 2021. In the SEO world, this year full of restrictions and lockdowns showed companies how crucial having an online presence truly is, catapulting SEO and other forms of digital marketing to the forefront of most strategies. So, what is changing with link building in 2021, and what strategies should you be implementing to stay up to date in the ever-evolving world of SEO?

Produce Quality Content

One of the most impactful things a business can do in the coming year is focusing on producing quality content that truly benefits its client base. Often, the best strategy to do so is to identify the most commonly asked questions related to your business’ services and simply start writing about them. The reason quality content is so impactful is because it naturally produces more backlinks to your website. For example, in 2020 Firestarter SEO produced a blog called “Digital Marketing During a Global Pandemic.” This article provided instant value for our customers, but it was also quickly picked up by a variety of sources, generating quality links back to our site and helping our own visibility.

Guest Posts

As an expert in your field, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience at your fingertips. An important backlink strategy for 2021 will be to leverage that knowledge and offer contributions to other websites. In doing so, you provide the other website with crucial information valuable to their readers. In return, they provide a link to your site, thus improving your website’s overall authority. For more tips on guest posting, check out this blog.


A directory serves as a fundamental type of link for most businesses. These are websites containing lists of businesses within certain categories or industries, and are extremely valuable to your local visibility. The good news, in 2021 there will be more directories at your disposal than ever before. Simply search for “[Your Industry] directories” and you’ll have hundreds of results to work with. Many of these will be free, or relatively inexpensive to get your business information listed. Just remember to keep your information consistent across the board.

While core backlink strategies aren’t projected to see significant shifts in 2021, you can be instrumental in growing your business by focusing on producing quality content, contributing to guest posts, and acquiring directory listings. Here’s to your success in the coming year!

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