Kyle Carney joined Firestarter SEO early 2016, heading up sales efforts and general business development.  Prior to joining, Kyle worked in the healthcare industry in a few different capacities.  Throughout his career, Kyle has leveraged his passion for people into developing meaningful relationships with clients and prospects across the United States.  He prides himself in his consultative sales abilities, knowing that selling with integrity revolves around listening and seeking to understand.

Having been involved with startups early on in his career, Kyle has a love for small business and the impact it can make on people’s lives.  This entrepreneurial spirit has cultured a passion for constant improvement and learning.  As an avid reader, Kyle is always looking for new processes and best practices to refine his skills.

Kyle graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Brigham Young University.  He has a true love for all professional Colorado sports teams, and enjoys playing sports as well.  Kyle enjoys being in the mountains, whether it’s fly-fishing, backpacking, etc.  He is happily married and loves living in his home state of Colorado.