Jared Powers has been Project Manager for Firestarter Search Engine Optimization since January 2017.  After working through college at the Port of Houston as an operation and logistics manager he dove into the wild and wonderful world of politics.  From the state level in Texas to the national level in the 2016 presidential race, his experience has provided new perspectives and creative ways of managing people and processes.  Through each endeavor, Jared has created lasting systems intended to increase efficiency and productivity across the board.

Jared received his Bachelor’s Degree in History from the University of Houston with a focus on pre-law studies. After deflecting from the path to becoming a lawyer, he enrolled in The Iron Yard – Austin.  This 12-week programming boot camp set the stage for a move to Denver and a lasting career in tech and web design.  Paired with strong project management experience and client relations, Jared continues to be a huge help toward increasing the efficacy of our processes here at Firestarter.