3 Ways To Consistently Come Up With New Blog Content


Writer’s block can be demoralizing, especially in smaller teams trying to generate new blog content for their website. How can you consistently come up with fresh ideas for new content to produce? By learning more about what consumers are asking rather than writing about topics that interest you. 

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Turn Customer Feedback Into Blog Content

We’ve all had a deal go sour simply because the potential customer didn’t fully understand the benefits of your proposal. A customer that no matter how many times you explained the same concept, you never had a breakthrough. These situations can be used not only as a learning opportunity for your sales process but also as an idea generation method. Some people are visual learners and would respond better to published content than your typical sales pitch. If you are not already, you should be surveying for feedback from both won and lost clients. This will help you understand where there might be content opportunities. You can also check into your competitor’s reviews or forums related to your industry to find out what questions people are asking.


There are many tools available on the web for gaining a different perspective on what questions people are asking. At Firestarter SEO, we have found AnswerThePublic to be an extremely valuable tool. AnswerThePublic uses autocomplete data collected from Googe’s search engine to create questions around a particular keyword. By this point, you should already have a good idea of what keywords have the most volume and intent for your business. Plugin any of those keywords and their tool will present you with the top asked questions from Google. 

Updating Old Blog Content

If all else fails when attempting to create new content, revisit your old blogs. If you’ve written enough blogs to run out of other topics with the previous two methods, then you have likely grown as a writer and things have changed in the industry. Correcting mistakes, adding new relevant links (or fixing broken ones), and providing additional context are great ways to give new life to once heavily trafficked blogs that have seen a decline. Google values fresh content to connect users with the most up to date information. Identify your old or underperforming blogs and give them a facelift to attract new visitors to your site.

Having a vast collection of industry resources will establish trust with your customers and improve your user experience grade with Google. The key to having the best content is simply knowing what the people want to see, and giving it to them. Firestarter SEO understands the importance of having fresh content. Our writers will work with your team to create a content schedule for important industry topics that set you apart from the competition. Get a free website content analysis.

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