What Is SEO Web Design?


This is an image depicting SEOIf you’re designing a new website for your business one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your website is effective is keeping SEO in mind throughout the process. In layman’s terms, SEO web design is the process of designing and developing websites to make them search engine friendly. But why exactly is it so important to make sure that your website is search engine friendly? At the end of the day, studies have shown that only 5% of people who use search engines on a daily basis ever go past the first page of results.Therefore, taking every extra step possible, including SEO web design, to improve your sites’ SEO will help you rank higher and faster. Be sure to continue reading to learn a few tips on how to make your site search engine friendly. 

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Studies have shown that in recent years about 60% of internet usage is done via mobile devices. Taking this number into consideration, it’s pretty clear that making sure your site is optimized for mobile visitors. We’ve all experienced visiting a non-mobile optimized site from our smartphones and nothing is more annoying than frequently zooming in and out as you try to navigate the various pages. In fact, when we come across a site like this we typically leave pretty quickly as we search for a more user friendly site. 

Optimize Your Site’s Content

One of the most important things you can do to make sure that your new website’s design is SEO friendly is ensuring that each page’s content is optimized to where search engine crawlers can easily read and understand it. One of the easiest ways to do this is create a hierarchy of headings. To explain this a little easier, you want to make sure that the main heading (in most cases the title) is an H1. From then on each heading should be broken down into H2s, H3s, etc. In doing so, crawlers will be able to better comprehend the content that it’s reading. At the same time, including both internal and external links within the content, as well as featuring the specific page keyword up to 5 times.

On Site Optimization

When building a website specifically with SEO in mind. The biggest problem you’re likely to have is your site’s technical SEO (aka on site optimization). Regardless of how perfect you think your site is, chances are you’re going to have numerous errors on the backend of the site that could potentially hamper you from ranking higher than you should. Critical errors, namely 4xx and 5xx errors, are amongst the worst culprits for this. Making sure that search engine crawlers can visit every individual page you’d like to be indexed is of the utmost importance. Taking care of all of this will help make sure that you SEO web design is an overwhelming success. 

While these are just a few tips for maximizing your SEO web design, there are many other aspects you should keep in mind when you’re putting serious work in to your site. Therefore, definitely check out some of our other blog posts regarding SEO web design so that you can set yourself up for ranking success!

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