Local SEO

What is Local Search

Local Search is a when search is performed where use the intent is to find a local business or service. The user is seeking a business in a geographical area. The results displayed are served with a dropper associated with a Google My Business Profile page. The results are generally served as 3, 5, or sometimes 7 results depending on the density or local competitiveness.

Why Does Local Search Matter

Searches with local intent are continually increases and with the rise of mobile search this trend will only continue. Therefore it is essential that business are visible when search with local intent are performed. The businesses appearing in local search are capturing all the traffic for the relevant searches.

Local Search Services

Below are Firestarter’s local SEO services. Our local services start at $800/month and are the best in the business.

Website Optimization

local website optimizationAssuring search engines understand your website is vital to the products and services of your business. When focusing on local search it is equally important that the search engines understand your location and what area you serve.

Google My Business Optimization

Local Map PinSearch is favoring local listings, being found in local results is more important than ever. In part the local listing are powered by the combination of your website and your Google My Business listing. In order to assist being found locally we:

Local Link Building

Data Distribution

There are over hundreds of local profile pages and websites. Ensuring the NAP and other data match your website and Google My business page we distribute and sync your NAP with hundreds of local profiles.

Local Citations

Local CitationsCitations are a key ingredient in local rankings. Citations are basically mentions of part of your business NAP on other websites. We build:

Webmaster Outreach

A core component of SEO is link building. We look for websites related to your business and seek opportunites to earn links from those sites to yours.


Understanding reporting and creating action plans around data is how websites progress. We do this through reporting. Each month we send the following progress reports:


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